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Paintball Mountain has an area of 150,000m2. (37 acres). Paintball is a non contact sport and all our scenarios and Base Camp are more than large enough to allow the government requirement of a minimum Social Distancing of 2m.

Paintball Mountain has always paid great attention to hygiene because we abhor the idea of “stinky clothing”. We have our own onsite laundry and without exception our coveralls, gloves & chest protectors are washed after every use and goggles are cleaned and sterilized using approved products.

When making the booking customers will be asked to bring their own masks. The “throw away” basic surgical mask will suffice; we will provide one if necessary. For those who choose to bring their own filtered KN95 masks, or CE 1282 masks we confirm they fit inside the paintball goggle.

On arrival players will be greeted by their own monitor. Players will sanitize their hands and will be issued with a pair of plastic disposable gloves. These gloves are to be worn inside the armoured paintball gloves. More plastic disposable gloves are always available if required.

1. After registration players will be taken to the changing area and be issued with a freshly laundered coverall, chest protector and armoured gloves. Sanitized goggles will be issued and be given a further sanitized spray before use.

2. The monitor will carry a sanitizing spray for use any time. Bottled water will be available at any time, administered by the monitor. More plastic disposable gloves are always available if required.

3. When play is finished, players will remove the issued clothing and equipment and leave it in the designated area then disinfect their hands. New disposable gloves will be issued.

4.Hand sterilization units are situated in clearly marked locations within the Base Camp area.