Takeshi Fun Malaga

Takeshi Fun.

The best Takeshi Fun circuit in Spain. Only 10 minutes from the center of Málaga.

The duration is approximately 1hr 30mins. and you compete between 6 & 10 games. Our monitors will guide you through the games.


Other facilities include  shaded cool down zones complete with water misting and a mini bar to help keep you going.

Bottled water and all the equipment needed to play safely, including insurance is provided. We do not mix groups and the games are adapted to suit younger players.


Why not have lunch afterwards and exchange war stories. Check out our restaurant for the Mega BBQ all included 24€ (you’ll need a siesta after eating this) or Mini BBQ 12€ for those who need to fill up and carry on.


Sumo Wrestling.

This is a scream, Inflatable Fat Suit Sumo Wrestling

Bonkers wall

Sooo…………… funny to see people dodge the gloves and fall off


Battle it out with this gladiator inflatable. Try not to laugh

Crazy Swing

A sack in each hand, try to knock your opponent off.

Granny’s Mangle

Granny’s mangle, you’ll come out thinner that’s for sure


4 – 6 people on each worm, coordinate and race to the finish line.