STAG PARTIES Imagine you’re running along the Paintball Mountain Bridge trying to dodge the incoming fire. You see a fluorescent pink flash streaking across your gunsight. Huge floppy ears but it’s gone behind the bunker. Could it be the Pink Buck Rabbit with large floppy ears we’ve all been looking for? Does this sound like an exciting way to kick off your Stag party?

Paintball Mountain has hosted hundreds of stag parties. We know how to give them a day to remember. Our highly trained professional monitors will ensure your last days of freedom will live forever in your memory. And in case the memory fades just a little we take dozens of photos and publish them on our Facebook page totally free of charge, where they can be downloaded and used in evidence if required!

For the last game, when all the balls have been fired we’ll give the “Condemmed Man” a sexed up Tippmann A5 Machine gun and 100 paintballs! What a blast, How cool is that!!

Remember it’s all the fun of the forces without the short back and sides haircut!